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There is a Sequel

There is a sequel to a broken heart once the melodrama is past once time “heals” the wounds with white tight scar tissue once the broken pieces find their way somewhere… The muscle pumps all continues as once before but not quite. There is a sequel to a broken heart. If you can just reach […]


Tiberius storms and quiet sea conversations that offend and end in accusation. “I’ll marry the next man who walks across the water”. Years and miracles later eyes open… Peter did it for love of His Lord and almost sank in the attempt. All for love. The next one who walks the water Must have already […]


These flutterings in my chest like butterflies trapped seeking escape weak creatures – at rest I do not know they are there until I awaken start to do or be or think fluttering against my heart my lungs my chest longing for open skies to be set free permission – at last to be…

Like an Arrow

The joy of an arrow in a master’s hands No factory mass production Individually cut, pared bare stripped and vulnerable a mere twig follishness to the casual observer Until His features more than cover, become a rudder His flint bound to a tip Vulnerable twig changed to potential weapon Not yet, until The master lifts […]