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Transparently honest, sharing the truth with sensitivity, humor, and hope


From America to Israel to China, facing dissociative disorder and complicated grief with an undying faith...

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Is it Us or Them? Seeking a Christian Perspective ...

Joshua and the Commander of God's Army

If you do not believe in Yeshua as the Messiah, this post is not directed to you. It is a reflection of my struggle for a right heart in this current war being fought in Israel. My struggle is with my heart. What should my attitude be toward this war, toward Gaza, toward the Palestinians, toward Hamas, and toward the pride I see here in Israel as our leaders call for the decimation of Hamas in Gaza? How should my faith in Yeshua direct my thoughts, my prayers, and my words and actions?

Discovering God’s Sabbath Rest in Every Part of Li

definitions of rest from Webster's online dictionary

Rest has never been one of my defining characteristics – at least not as I understand the word. So, when my doctor advised that I was not getting enough rest during my chemotherapy and officially ordered me to take 3 months off work – you can imagine my reaction. [Read post at to view picture and video at the end]

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